Triumph Fire N Ice Air Hockey Table

The Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table

Here we will be discussing about Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table, with its features, uses, pros, cons, etc.

Triumph Air Hockey Table Description

This Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table comes with versatile function and uses for supporting your hockey game well. This table is perfect in case if there are lights outs and you still want your hockey game continued. This hockey table is recognized for its speciality of more fun in the dark. The name is such because it’s the “Fire” red team versus the “Ice” blue team playing against each other on this table. This table is known for its LED lightings and adjustable leg levellers for better support.

Let’s review the features of this product:

LED lightings

You can now play new and exciting lights out air hockey matches with the light up pucks and pushers provided along with this hockey table. This air hockey table features light up corners with LED lights that flash when goals are hit. You can keep track of the action with LED electronic and abacus scoring system made with advanced technology.

Corner Flash lightings

This hockey table features colourful graphics as well as corner flash lights as the red battles the blue team. Every corner flashes when with the goals, creating a powerful game play experience. You can choose your team i.e. fire or ice – with a light-up blue or red striker provided, later turn of the lights and let the game start with the light-up puck.

Legs support

It is provided with four legs cross braces system that provide additional support as well as stability while playing.

Suitable size

This hockey table measures 54” L x 27” W x 31” H, making it the ideal size for kids, youth and teenage players. Its suitable size is capable to withstand high level of pressure and shocks.

Power code based operation

It doesn't come with an on/off switch but it operated through a power cord. When you finished playing with the game, just unplug it.

Triumph Air Hockey Table Review

This hockey table from Triumph is well received by the customers all around the globe. Having more than 15 reviews the Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table has a 3.2 star rating on Amazon at the time of this review. The good rating of this table on amazon directly suggests its application and benefits to customers.

For its affordable price compared to other hockey table, this product is a suitable bargain. This hockey table is usually costs around 250 dollars but you can get it for much less on

Majority of customers have felt that this table was easy to put together and was larger than the normal size. It is more preferred as the LED lighting and the light up puck and holders simplifies playing in the dark making it a whole new adventure for air hockey lovers.

The puck is of smaller size than big arcade tables, as this is not expected to be a high end machine, it is convenient. Hence for the money spent, this hockey table is a good deal as it is very well made and strong.

However, there are few cons of this hockey table felt by customers. Customers have mentioned that airflow was convenient but cannot get the lights round table or goal keeping to work. Few customers have complained that its flimsy LED lights on table were damaged upon arrival and it is difficult to assemble the product. Also this table is manufactured of some flimsy board which is sometimes damaged after long use.


This air hockey table is excellent for the players of all age-groups i.e. kids and teenagers who usually consider their game as hobby. This product gives you better playing experience and makes your pastime a memorable experience.  Read more here >>

Triumph Fire N Ice air hockey table

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