Sport Squad hx40 air hockey table

Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table

If you are looking to find the best air hockey table there are a lot of options on the market. Even though there are a lot of options there are a few basic things to keep in mind when reading air hockey table reviews. The first thing to remember is the size of table you are looking for.

The next thing to consider is the fan power. The last thing that you should focus on is the build quality and material used. This review of the Sport Squad HX40 Air Hockey Table will cover all those things and much more.

Sport Squad HX40 Air Hockey Table Specifications

Starting out the Sport Squad HX40 Air Hockey Table Review we will mention the size. This is a smaller table designed to go on a table top

Small Size

The total measurements are 40in x 20in x 5in and it weights around 11 pounds. This small size is great because it makes it really flexible on where you can play. Also, the small size makes it so you can easily store the table away in a closet when not in use.

High Quality Wood

The HX40 Air Hockey Table is made from high quality wood with a little plastic, and the table has some added paint to make it look cool.

Easy Assemble

Assemble of this air hockey table is also easy, so you can start playing quickly out of the box.

Also, to get you playing right out of the box the Sport Squad HX40 comes with two pucks and two stickers. The goals are plastic and offer a quick puck return system so there is not a lot of gap between playing time.

Easy To Keep Score

It is easy to keep score with this air hockey table as well because it is done manually and the trackers are right above the goal.

Sport Squad HX40 AC Adaptor

Being an electric air hockey table is also an added bonus. It comes with the AC adaptor to plug it into the wall and because it runs from wall power it saves you money on constantly having to buy batteries.

Another benefit of being AC powered is the fan has a bit more force than a normal battery powered table. This means the puck glides smoothly across the surface and can allow for some fast action.

Bottom Rubber Feet

Sport Squad didn’t forget about the small things either when it comes to this air hockey table. The bottom has rubber feet to keep your table tops from getting scratched when you are playing. This really is a quality little air hockey table.

Sport Squad HX40 Air Hockey Table User Feedback

So now that you have read the specification part of this air hockey table review we can get into what real users think of it. Most all the feedback for this table is good. It is a really popular seller with over 200 reviews and it still maintains a four star rating.

Really Easy To Assemble

Like it has been mention assemble is easy which people love. It is only 4 screws to connect the goals to the table and that is pretty much it. Once you pull it out of the box it should only be about five minutes before you are playing. It might take you longer to find a screwdriver than it does to assemble this table.

Impressive Fan Strenght

Users are also impressed with is fan strength. Some smaller tables come with cheap fans that barely put out enough air to lift the small puck up, but this table has not issues in keeping the small puck going.

Some users have had quality issues with the fan burning out, but this is few and far between and if that happens to you than Amazon makes returns and exchanges really easy which is a perk from buying from them.

Quiet Fans And Puck

Users also love that even though the fan is powerful it is quiet and the puck itself is relatively quiet. You may be familiar with bigger metal tables that are noisy when the puck hits off, but that isn’t the case with this small table.

This small air hockey table is also really budget friendly and works well for younger kids since it is smaller size.

Is Sport Squad HX40 Air Hockey Table Right For You?

The Sport Squad HX40 Air Hockey Table is a great small table top air hockey table as you can see from this air hockey table review. It has a strong fan that some other tables lack. It is also really easy to assemble and you can play and store it anywhere.

If you are looking for an air hockey table that is budget friendly and small, then this may be the best air hockey table for you. The parts are high quality and you can play this air hockey table for years to come and diffidently get your money’s worth out of it. Read more here >>


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