Playcraft Sport Air Hockey Table

Playcraft Sport Table Top Air Hockey

Some time ago, way back in 1972, Bob Lemieux -- a die-hard hockey fan created the game of air hockey. Not satisfied by merely viewing the game he adored so much, he came on the scene with a means to outdo it in the comfort of his own house. On the other side, some credible sources are against this theory. As stated by a different concept, a crew of three engineers worked together to formulate the game ages ago in 1969. These three engineers were: Phil Crossman, Bob Kenrick and Brad Baldwin.

In fact, a lot of people reckon these engineers with the title – “The Fathers of the Game.”

In spite of whosoever created the air hockey, enthusiasts all over the place are obliged to them. Without their inventiveness and imagination, no air hockey tables could grace the bowling alleys, campus rec rooms, church youth centers or roller rinks all over the globe. Honestly, a number of teenagers and grown-ups who adore the sport are thankful to the creators of the game.

Air hockey is an enjoyable, exhilarating, fast-paced sport that individuals from all over the world adore. After all, who doesn’t adore playing exciting games with family and friends? When you consider playing air hockey, the entire conception of the game is essentially amusement. Are you the kind of individual who entertain people at your home? Or are you just interested in having a stimulating addition to your place of work? Then, air hockey is the perfect option for you!

This game is short, thrilling and quick, requiring you to score just 7 goals for the victory. All you need to have is fast action and swift reasoning. These two abilities are enough to keep you on your toes. You’ll get so lost playing the game that you won't even care that you have been playing for quite a while. You’ll not find anything to dislike about it!

So, you desire to purchase an air hockey table, but don’t know which one! Right? Of course, with so many options, you may perhaps get confused! So which one should you go for? Well, no need to strain your mind! We have discovered that the Playcraft Sport Air Hockey Table is the finest in-house air hockey table. Yes! It’s way better than other players in the market. Skim through the article to know – Why? and How?

Playcraft air hockey table top - Description

After conducting extensive research, we found that with Playcraft Sport air hockey table, you actually bring the best to your home. Allowing you to set up in a matter of seconds, this table makes air hockey the sport of all time. Even though it is a simple table that lacks electronic score tracking, it does have some pleasant curved angles that retain the puck in the game. Thus and so, it keeps the kids interested.

This 40-inch table is constructed with hardwood and is intended to be positioned on any place in your house. On top of that, the table is terrific for younger children who wish to delight in the air hockey game. Another thing that delights is that it not just comprises of an air-powered motor for superior puck-thrust. Rather it likewise devours an ABS puck-catcher. Adequately small to stock out of your sight, yet large enough for teenagers to revel in some air hockey entertainment!

Top features

The product takes account of some exciting and noteworthy features. Take a look:

  • This 40-inch tabletop air hockey table is perfect for younger children.
  • Durable MDF hardwood frame may settle down on every kind of table
  • ​ABS puck catcher permits for swift puck return
  • ​Comprises of two strikers and two pucks
  • ​Comes in conjunction with 90-day warranty
  • ​Convenient and portable design lets you set it up in a matter of seconds
  • Compact size allows you to store it out of your sight

Playcraft Air Hockey Table Review

So you love air hockey but don’t have enough space for a standard hockey table? No worries! Why don’t you go for this 40-inch air hockey tabletop? This is not just a pronounced option for space-challenged homes but also for young children who can’t yet reach a giant tabletop.

If you glance at the Amazon reviews of the product, you’ll notice that it is fairly adored by the people. By way of around 370 reviews, the Playcraft sport air hockey table top receives a star rating of 4.1. That’s quite an accomplishment. In my opinion, this is an ideal product if you just desire to have fun!

To a certain extent, it’s pretty quick to assemble. Hence, you can set it up in minutes. The tabletop is composed of robust MDF hardwood. Along with, it consists of an air-powered motor that’s UL-approved and offers a speed of 100-cubic-foot-per-minute. Furnished using two pucks and two strikers, the table proposes an ABS puck catcher. This is great to attain a nippy puck return. Over and above, with stingy dimensions of 40 x 8 x 20 inches (W x H x D), the table is sufficiently small to store away in your storeroom, cubbyhole or under the bed.

The product is CE-certified and comprehends a standard 110V air fan motor. This makes sure that you acquire an ideal performance. This easy-to-assemble table top model is a fabulous choice for gatherings, get-togethers, merrymakings or game rooms. Essentially, it is the idyllic product for any place where you desire your family and friends to join for some fun.

By and large, the Playcraft sport table is relatively a good deal. Customarily, it’s available at a price point of around $79. Nevertheless, if you buy it from Amazon, you can catch it for less.


Why buy this product? Well, the facts below possibly will provide an answer to this query.

For such a trivial size and inexpensive price, the table has been constructed fairly fine. A thing that stunned us the most is the point that the table brags a firm MDF construction. In general, all other similar air hockey tables stocking the market are nothing but fragile and flimsy plastic.

The MDF frame assures that you do not have to fear about any kind of damage. It furthermore articulates that the table would stay robust even in the course of extreme plays.

An ABS puck catcher permits you to attain rapid puck returns.

The compact and portable size of the air hockey table allows you to simply store it out of the picture. The size (40 x 8 x 20 inches (W x H x D) is definitely a good one that would easily fit in your cupboard or cabinet.

Although this table is not suitable to professional players, this can turn out to be immense fun to the kids. Go for it if all you want is just to have fun!

For its reasonable price, the Playcraft air hockey table is a splendid choice.

This is the right toy for your kids when they are bored and have nothing else to play with.

The product is fairly easy to assemble and sets set up in minutes. Thenceforth, it is all set to play with!


Now let us explore some worth mentioning flaws as noted by the customers of the product:

The accessories are too small making it something for young kids. As soon as your youngster strikes the age of 10, the product is perhaps not going to suit them either.

Surely, you can’t imagine the air motor to be brilliant. Though it is sturdily constructed, it is going to be low-powered.

Clearly, as this is a low-priced table, you can’t excerpt more than two years of use from the motor. Anything more than that would certainly be a handout, but this is not actually a stuff that is made to last.

It’s hard to envision a grown-up playing on this table as it is merely 40” in length while the accessories are too small.

Why buy online on

The product is a great deal and surely a value for your buck. Particularly, if you place an order through Amazon, you won’t be disappointed. When it is about customer service, Amazon always receives constructive reviews. On the whole, Playcraft sport table top is above-average in terms of value and worth on assuming the similar air hockey tables available out there. If you buy it from Amazon, you can stay guaranteed that the product would not come home scratched or broken. On top of that, the delivery would be faster than you expect. Excellent all-around deal indeed! I would surely recommend Amazon to buy this product!


Are you looking for a reasonably priced air hockey table? If yes, then this table from Playcraft is a decent option to consider as it is completely within your means. Not being too huge, it is perfect for your kids to have some fun! The solid hardwood frame guarantees paramount strength. As a consequence, you can put it on any tabletop without any hassles. More than that, the product comes in conjunction with two mallets as well as two pucks. Perceptibly, this may not perhaps suit the air hockey enthusiasts who are on a lookout for a more professional structure. However, it works flawlessly for regular home set up. It can moreover turn out to be an outstanding gift idea for a little air hockey buff. I can figure no reason out as to why can’t you go down this route! So, why not go for it? An icing on the cake is that you don’t have to break the bank to delve into the ceaseless fun! Without a doubt, it’s worth looking into!

Playcraft Sport Air Hockey Table

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