Mini air hockey table

Mini Air Hockey Table Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best solutions to take your conventional air hockey experience to the next level? Well, a good suggestion for your needs at this point would be to invest in a good mini air hockey table to achieve the best gaming experience. Choosing a good, air hockey table might seem like a simple procedure. However, in the real sense, it requires some level of good decision making on your part to invest in the best product. This why we have developed some of the best mini air hockey table reviews to help you in making an informed decision for your needs.

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What to look for in a mini air hockey table

Motor capability

The capacity of the motor plays an important role since this determines the level of cushioning that will be delivered to the playing surface. A good motor should deliver sufficient power to ensure the puck is moving optimally and it should also be silent in operation.

Leg and levelers Construction

Besides that, another important feature of a good mini table is that it has to come with stable legs and levelers. To be specific, the legs should provide sufficient stability even when users make intense slap shots or during intense gaming. More so, the table should also comprise of special levelers that contribute to improving the overall stability of the table.

Material and exterior design construction

The playing surface of the table should be smooth enough to ensure that puck glides with the appropriate results. Furthermore, the table should also be durable enough to provide long-term results for your air hockey gaming needs.

Other considerations

Warrant cover- this is important since it means that you are effectively covered for any defects that the table comes with or those that may come up during gameplay

Table dimension- the dimensions of the table also play an important role since this determine the level of fun you can experience during gaming

Exterior design- you also want to invest in a good table that has an appealing design that lets you game with style.

Benefits of a mini air hockey table

  • These tables are portable without compromising on performance
  • Some high-end tables are available with powerful motors
  • All good mini tables come with the appropriate accessories such as the pusher and the puck
  • A mini table is simple to set up and move around the home

Our Top Recommendations

Consider the following:

MD Sports Air Hockey Table

LED electric scorer

The first notable aspect of this air hockey table is that it comes with an ED electric scorer for added functionality. To be specific, the ED scorer is perfect since it allows the gamers to keep track of their scores without having to keep track of them mentally, which might compromise performance.

Excellent puck and pusher design

The manufacturers of the MD sports air hockey table have also taken value to the next level with the superior puck design, which is not only durable but also designed to achieve optimal motion on the playing surface. The pusher has also been designed with ergonomics in mind to fit in the user's hands and to provide comfort even during intensive gameplay sessions

Stable legs

Another notable aspect of this high-performance table is the fact that it comes with stable legs that provide optimal stability at all times. This stable design guarantees optimal support even for as many as two users who want to enjoy the best of superior gaming results.

Electronic LED score tracker and manual slider

The MD Sports air hockey table also comes with an electronic LED score tracker that does well to monitor the legitimate scores of the game. This makes the gaming experience much more legitimate, and it also allows users to experience unrivaled gaming concentration when playing. The manual slide also does well to improve convenience by allowing using to choose to track the scores manually


  • This cheap air hockey table comes with an appealing design
  • It also features a manual slider and an electronic score tracker
  • This table comes with stable legs for optimal support


  • It can only support two users
  • The manual score tracker is ineffective in performance

MD Sports Air Hockey Table

Over 220 reviews

ESPN Air Hockey Table

Powerful 110-volt motor

Perhaps one of the most notable features of the ESPN air hockey table is the fact that it comes with a power 110-volt motor that provides sufficient power for moving the pucks around. The added advantage of using this particular motor is that it is not only silent in operation, but it also does well to provide sufficient cushioning for a memorable experience

Smooth playing surface

The inclusion of the smooth glide playing surface means that the puck can move at optimal speeds and that users can experience the best of gaming results. To be specific, the smooth matte playing surface comprises of a unique matte finish that is guarantees optimal durability perfect for long-term performance.

Sturdy leg construction with customizable leg levelers

There is nothing better than a good mini air hockey table that has a sturdy construction, which provides optimal stability at all times. The inclusion of the adjustable leg levelers means that users can easily customize the functionality of the table to accommodate an intensive gameplay session.

Adequate accessories

Similar to all the top quality mini air hockey table, this unit also comes with sufficient resources such as the pusher and the puck, which allow the user to experience unrivaled gaming performance. The playfield is also well over 25% larger than the conventional playing areas, which makes gaming even much more fun.


  • This table comes with a powerful 110-volt motor that is also silent in operation
  • It is also available with high-quality accessories
  • The legs are customizable and are integrated with levelers
  • The playing surface is smooth to provide optimal puck movement


  • The table can’t accommodate several users at the same time
ESPN Air Hockey Table

Over 370 reviews

Hathaway Air Hockey Table

Electronic scoring system and L-shaped legs

Similar to all the top quality tables out there today, this table comes with an electronic scoring system that does well to keep track of the individuals who are ahead in the gaming sessions. This Hathaway air hockey table also comes with re-enforced legs with a side panel support to provide optimal table stability even during the most intense gaming experience. The ample sized levelers provide optimal table stability on almost on any floor.

Dual goal boxes that feature an automatic puck return system

Furthermore, the manufacturers have also done well to include the Dual goal boxes that come with an auto-puck return system for added user convenience. The Dual goal boxes can accommodate the pucks with precision results

Constructed using superior material with laminate coating

This big and powerful air hockey table makes playing an entertaining activity, and it comes with an electronic score tracker which keeps track of the individuals who are ahead in the game. The table Is ruggedly made using environmentally safe materials, and it will withstand even the most rigorous of air hockey play activities.

superior material with laminate coating of Hathaway Air Hockey Table

110V UL Approved high output electric blower

It also comes with poly sealed slick playing area that is powered by using a 110v motor, which is silent in operation. This motor provides sufficient power for airflow across the playing surface and to ensure that the puck achieves optimal velocity results at all times.


  • This table comes with a powerful 110volt motor
  • The Dual goal boxes come with an automatic puck return system
  • This table is made using certified MDF that has laminate coating
  • It also comes with an electronic scoring system with L-Shaped legs for optimal stability


  • The L-shaped legs are difficult to replace when damaged
  • The automatic puck return system tends to jam at times

Over 15 reviews

Triumph Air Hockey Table

Powerful air blower and motor

This powerful air powered gameplay air hockey table guarantees the ideal gaming experience for nonstop back and forth gaming action. The powerful air blower provides sufficient cushioning for the puck to move around the table with optimal results

Electronic system and LED

Aside from that, this air hockey table kids also comes with an electronic system and LED that makes it simple for gamers to keep tracking of their gaming experience and whoever is ahead. This makes for a particularly good addition to professional gaming and various other applications. The table also features a manual abacus whereby users can track the scores manually as well

Electronic system and LED of Triumph Air Hockey Table

Superior material construction and appealing design

This best air hockey table has also been developed using MDF construction and a cross brace leg support to guarantee the ideal stability and support even during intensive gaming activities. This table has been made to include appealing color graphics to let users enjoy their gaming activities with style.

Superior gaming accessories

This table also features several additional accessories for improved gaming. This includes the pusher and the puck which allows users to move the puck around the surface with ease.


  • This kid’s air hockey table comes with a powerful blower for excellent cushioning
  • The playing surface is smooth, and the puck is designed using special material for optimal movement
  • This table is available with the appropriate gaming accessories such as the puck and the pusher
  • The table is stable even during the most intense of gaming activities


  • These accessories are susceptible to damage
Triumph Air Hockey Table

Over 15 reviews

Franklin Air Hockey Table

Simple to set up

Perhaps one of the most important features of the Franklin Air Hockey table is that it comes with an angled leg design that is simple to set up in a few minute and to fold as well. This table has been designed to provide users with a hassle-free procedures when building the product and to allow them to focus more on playing. Never has installation been such a simple procedure. The air hockey table for kids will fold without any effort after gaming activities, which allows users to store it easily under the bed or perhaps in a closet.

Angled leg design and corner caps

Furthermore, the angled leg design and the well-positioned corner caps give the table a sports appeal to let you enjoy your air hockey activities with style.

Gaming enthusiasts will also appreciate that this table comes ready to use with the inclusion of the pusher and the air puck that are built for performance on the playing surface.

Franklin Air Hockey Table angle

Durable reinforced steel hinges

This table also features durable re-enforced hinges that work well to improve the overall stability of the table. The hinges are re-enforced to provide optimal durability and to ensure that the table won't topple during intensive game play sessions

Powerful motor

This small air hockey table also features a powerful motor that delivers sufficient cushioning to the playing surface to ensure that the puck maintains optimal motion. The added advantage of using this particular motor is that it is silent in operation and works well the playing surface as well. Furthermore, the motor also allows for simple maintenance and it will provide power for several hours of gaming.

Franklin Air Hockey Table

Over 90 reviews


Finally, when it comes to enjoying the best of air hockey and even making the most of your leisure time, you must ensure that you have the appropriate tools. In this case, this means ensuring that you choose a good air hockey table that is stable and also has a durable and appealing design as well.

Furthermore, you may also want to ensure the best air hockey table is available with the appropriate accessories and any other additional feature that will make your gaming experience a breeze. This is why we have recommended some of the best mini air hockey table that is available on the market for you to buy. The products have been chosen based on our comprehensive research techniques and the overall customer rating for the products as well. In this way, you can realize the best value for your money with a good mini air hockey table, while enjoying a good time as well.

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