Harvil Table Top Air Hockey Review

This Harvil table air hockey game is a great way to introduce your children to the joys of the classic arcade table top game, at a price point that won't break the bank.

It's a proper, electric air hockey table powered by an AC 12V motor making enough power to get the lightweight puck up on its own air cushion. It's 40 inches long, and unlike some tables this size it is raised up on its own built-in 8-inch legs. We've checked out the most helpful Harvil air hockey table reviews online to summarize for you what it's like to own and live with.

Harvil Tabletop Air Hockey Table Features

It's about a one-half size playing surface compared with a full 7ft air hockey table, measuring 3 ft 4 inches long and 20 inches wide. It stands 13 inches high on sturdy wooden legs.


Weighing just under 15 pounds it is heavy enough to stay in place on a table top or mat. It'll stow away under some taller bed frames, or lean up against a wall when not in use, so it's somewhat more convenient than a full table game.

You get two yellow paddles with felt bases and 2 pucks. Like the table itself they're scaled down (two and a half inches across), good for little hands and still easy to grip for grown-up ones. The puck is just over two inches wide. If you're buying extra kit to replace lost pucks, or have a somewhat crowded doubles game, be sure to order them small and light enough to float on the mini-sized air cushion the Harvil electric air hockey table generates.


A couple of reviewers reported the felt bases coming unstuck from the paddles. Keeping a few spares around sounds like a good backup plan to keep your young players happy, and your table surface from getting scratched.

Scoring is kept basic, manual and unbreakable with a slider marked 0-9 across the crossbar of each goal.

What Buyers Liked

Buyers liked the smooth glide and speed of game, especially for a cheap air hockey table. One father praised it as being much better than the table he had as a kid.

Everyone appreciated being able to move and store it around the home.

The short legged design means it can be set on a table that everyone can reach, or played laying down on the floor. The feet minimize scraping and marks on the tabletop.

Parents enjoying a game just as much as the kids is a feature of many of the reviews! Clearly the small sized paddles are not much of a issue to grip.

What Buyers Didn't Like

More than one reviewer reported the felt bases coming off of the paddles, and disappointed players losing interest.

Hunting down extra hand paddles and pucks in the right size was a challenge for some buyers. With only two pucks in the set and a few breakages to the paddles that's well worth making the effort.

One user had quality issues - no bolt holes drilled in two of the legs - but overall construction and materials seem very solid, given the modest price.

Is The Harvil Air Hockey Table Right For You?

With this table top air hockey table, Harvil makes a great introduction for kids to unleash their competitive spirit. It's a fully air powered hockey game as a stepping stone to the full size game when your children have the strength and reach to change up. Much better to spend a little on a table air hockey game like this, and kids to outgrow it or lose interest, than make the mistake of buying a cheap air hockey table that breaks easily or doesn't perform.

These tables seem to be tough apart from a few felt bases coming off the paddle handles, so it is advisable to seek out some spare miniature paddles to avoid frustration and damage to the playing surface.

There's no bells and whistles, no automatic scoring or return mechanisms to go wrong, or table legs that'll only be the correct height for a short time in a growing child. That keeps costs down, and you get just an electric powered hockey table that does its job well and stands up to some treatment as rough as you would expect from 4 to 8 year olds. The short legs protect your table tops and make floor play possible. Read more here >>


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