Carrom Air Hockey Table Review

The game of air hockey is both fun and competitive. When a person wants to play air hockey they need a table to play it on. The Carrom Power Play Hockey Game is a table top air hockey game. A person can test their skills with this game and can have some fun with their friends. This air hockey table is large enough to play the game but small enough that it can be stored and put away as needed to save space.

This Air Hockey Table Is Sturdy And Portable

This air hockey game is sturdy but it is portable enough to take on the go and to take to the home of friends. It can also be taken for social gatherings. There is a built in manual scoring system so a person does not have to argue about who is winning. This is also a duel puck return so the puck will be sent back to the player.

There is an UL approved high output electric motor so it can keep up with the playing action. There are legs on this air hockey table that can be assembled and removed quickly. The air hockey table will allow for some friendly competition.

Friends and family members can challenge each other or have tournaments to see who the air hockey champion really is. While the board is compact it will still allow for a full game experience.

What's Included In The Carrom Air Hockey Table

Everything that a person needs to play air hockey is included. The set comes with two pucks as well as two controllers to hit the pucks with. It is pulled into the electrical outlet with a power cord so no batteries are needed. The air hockey board measures 42.8 inches by 24.8 inches by 7.5 inches. The measurements for the playing surface is 19.5 inches in width and 37.5 inches in length. This allows some room to move around and hit the puck.The board in total weights 30 pounds so it is not too heavy for the average person to transport if they want to take it on the go.

What buyers have liked

Many users like that the air hockey table from Carrom is smaller and easy to transport. The table works well and there is enough power to keep the puck moving.

Users have stated that this is a great table for both children as well as adults. The automatic scoring makes it easy to keep track of the game and the players can focus on the action. Users actually like the smaller size of this air hockey table. They like that it is easy to store. It does not take up a lot of space and it can even be stored under the bed or table if needed.

There are no sides that need to be added to the table. This is great for those that have trouble with assembly and often have a hard time putting something together.

What users did not like

Users have reported that the package that the air hockey table comes in is not too sturdy. It was also mentioned by users that the box was not very attractive and it was a little disappointing when presenting it to someone as a gift.

Users have stated that when they were giving this hockey table as a gift they had to put it into a different package. Many would like to see the presentation of the hockey table upgraded so it is more attractive and the box more durable. Users have reported that they want a table they can set up and keep up and this table is meant to be stored.

Is This The Right Air Hockey Table For You?

Overall the Carrom Power Play Hockey Table is a great gift and is a lot of fun to play according to the review from real users. Overall this table air hockey tables has received a good star rating. It is powerful and the puck return will allow users to keep up the play action. This table game does not take up a lot of space which for many is a positive thing. Read more here >>


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