Air Hockey Table Reviews

Buying The Best Air Hockey Table

Air hockey tables can be a lot of fun and in this air hockey table buying guide we will look at a lot of potential options for best air hockey tables on the market. This air hockey table guide will also cover some basic things to keep in mind when looking at a potential air hockey table to buy.

What To Look For In Your Air Hockey Table

Available Size

The first thing to consider when looking for the best air hockey table for you is the size. Depending on how much space you have in your game room you may be able to fit in a full size table that is 8 feet, but if you have a smaller space then you might need to get a table top air hockey table which can be as small as a couple feet. The smaller tables also normally have smaller pucks and smaller paddles.

Air Hockey Table Build Quality And Material

The next thing to consider when buying an air hockey table is the build quality and material used. The smaller tables are normally plastic with very little wood. As you get to larger tables more wood is included and also more metal is used.

The bigger tables are heavier and need more support so that is why metal is used. Metal also gives them a higher quality feel. Tied in with quality is how well the air comes on the table surface. The lower end tables really struggle with producing enough air to keep the puck going back and forth. The more expensive tables however generally have good holes and hi-powered blowers so the air comes out smoothly.

Power Suply

Another thing to keep in mind is the power supply. The bigger tables generally are powered thru the wall with an AC adaptor where the smaller table top tables are powered with batteries. Batteries can get annoying though because they add up when buying them and could make a cheaper air hockey table be more costly than a more expensive table.

Price is also something to consider when trying to find the best air hockey table for you, but it should be your main focus. Finding top quality in the size you need should be your main focus when reading this air hockey table buying guide and trying to find the best air hockey table for you.

Our Top Recommendations

Consider the following:

Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table

Starting out the product part of this air hockey table buying guide we will begin with smaller tables. The first of these is the Sport Squad HX40 air hockey table.

It is a compact 40x20x5 which makes it easy to set up and also easy to store away when not in use. One of the best things that users love about this air hockey table is that it has an AC adaptor so no buying batteries and it allows the fan to blow strong.

The fan produces a lot of air keeping the surface smooth which allows the pucks to glide easily. It still doesn’t glide to the level of a more expensive table, but for a small budget table the high-output fan produces enough air for some fast action.

The goals are also nice with easy returns to get the puck out of and the scores are on the top so it makes it easy to adjust whenever a goal is made. It is made of a durable plastic which keeps it light, but still not cheap. It also has a cool design painted on it that kids will like.

It is easy to put together and comes with two stickers as well as two pucks. Coming with two pucks is great in case one gets lost you can still play without any issues. The table is also light at only around 15 pounds, so even smaller kids can get it out and play when they want too.

If you are looking for a smaller budget friendly table top air hockey table, then the Sport Squad HX40 is a great option. It is wonderful that it is AC powered so you don’t have to buy batteries and also this allows the fan to be stronger than most table top air hockey tables on the market making this one great quality. Read more here >>

  • AC Adaptor for stronger blow
  • Silent fans and puck
  • Coming with 2 pucks

Over 220 reviews

Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

Another table top air hockey table is the Playcraft Sport 40 inch table top Air Hockey. It is made with a sturdy MDF hardwood frame. The surface is also smooth and is UL-approved and it has a 100 cfm air-powered motor which allows for the puck to move fairly well.

The puck catcher is easy to access and allows for quick puck returns so there isn’t any long breaks in the action.

Also, the score tracker is right on top so it is easy to know who is winning. Along with the 40x8x20 table you also get two stickers and two pucks so you can play right out of the box.

Some users have had issues with the fan being installed the wrong way, and also the fan doesn’t have as much power as it could so the puck gets stuck on the edges. Other than these minor issues though it is a decent quality little table.

It is perfect for younger kids who are just learning how to play air hockey, and the price is very budget friendly. It is also small and compact so when not playing you can easily store it away in pretty much any closet.

If you want a small affordable air hockey table, then the Playcraft Sport might be just the right one for you. Read more here >>

  • Sturdy MDF
  • Puck catcher is easy to access
  • Small and compact

Over 370 reviews

Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Table

The Harvil 4 foot air hockey table is a bigger one that is still budget friendly. It has a compact designed and measures 48x24x31 and weighs 28 pounds.

One cool thing is the playing surface has vibrant graphics. It is also extra stable with its two L-Shaped legs which go on easily with its leg levers. The levers make assembly easy and disassembly is also easy if you need to take it down and store it away when family comes over for a holiday or you have an event at your house.

This models also has an electronic scorer which is a nice feature to have and the score board runs on two triple A batteries.

The air flow with this table is also steady and smooth.

The table was designed in the United States which some users really like and it also has a great warranty which can be hard to find with cheaper items. They guarantee that it will come with everything it is supposed to and it has a ninety day warranty period so if anything on it breaks in that time they will repair or replace it for free.

The table comes with two stickers and two pucks.

One big complaint though from users is the stickers and pucks are fairly small. They are so small that sometimes the scoring system has a hard time registering them. That is the biggest issue with this table however.

If you are wanting an air hockey table that you can stand at, but still not have it take a lot of space or cost a lot, then the Harvil Air Hockey Table may be the best air hockey table for you. Read more here >>

  • Has an electronic scorer
  • Air flow is steady and smooth
  • Two L-Shaped legs

Over 15 reviews

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice Air Hockey Table

Getting into bigger air hockey tables we have the Triumph Fire ‘n Ice Air Hockey Table. It measures 54x27x31 and weighs 48 pounds.

It is made from high quality materials and has strong durable cross braced legs that have individual adjusting levers.

The red and blue colors on this table also makes it really cool looking. Another thing that makes this table stand out and be cool is the four LED lights in the corners. When someone scores the lights go off making it feel like a real ice hockey match.

On top of the lights going off when goals are scored the two stickers and one puck that it comes with also has LED lights in them so you can play some lights out air hockey.

There is also an LED score board and an old style abacus score system so there is no reason not to know who is winning.

The airflow that this table provides is also good quality. The fan produces enough force to keep the puck moving smoothly.

The main complains on this table are that assembly can be a challenge at times because the holes don’t line up sometimes. Also, a few users had issue with receiving damaged tables, but by buying on Amazon you can return it if that happens with no problems.

If you are looking for a larger 54 inch table then the Fire ‘n Ice Air Hockey Table might be just right for you. It isn’t super expensive, but it has some unique features that makes it stand out from a lot of other air hockey tables on the market. Read more here >>

  • Four LED lights in the corners
  • You can play in the dark
  • Fan produces enough force

Over 15 reviews

Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey Table

Moving on to a 5 foot air hockey table we have the Hathaway Face-Off. It has a nice electronic score system and has automatic puck returns for the goals making it easy to get back into the action.

It is made out of a one-eight inch CARB certified MDF with a laminated coating making it better quality then smaller plastic tables. The table is sturdy with large end legs and four bracers between them to provide top balance.

The two stickers measure three inches and the two pucks measure two and a half inches. The blower is strong with 110v and provides for a smooth playing surface.

Users love that it is easy to assembly. Like some other tables the scoring is touchy because the pucks are small, but other than that people like this table for the price.

They find it to be a decent size and even adults can play on it. If you are wanting a larger, but still budget friendly air hockey table then the Hathaway Face-Off is a good option. Read more here >>

  • Automatic puck returns
  • Table is sturdy with large end legs
  • Blower is strong

Over 90 reviews

Playcraft Center Ice 7' Air Hockey Table

This is the part of the air hockey table buyer’s guide that starts to get into the more professional quality air hockey tables that most people are used to when they go out to an arcade. These tables cost more, but they provide features and quality that the cheaper smaller tables can’t match.

Starting out we have the Playcraft Center Ice Air Hockey Table. It has the dimensions of 84x48x32 and weighs 160 pounds. The field is a high gloss 3/4 inch thick PVC for fast action.

The rest of the table is also made out of high quality material which mainly consist of wood. The electronic scorer is built into the side rail and is hide away when not in use.

The leg levers are 5 inch diameter and the pedestal style legs are 6 inches. They can be adjusted however you need to, to make sure you have a flat playing surface.

The high output fan is 120v and puts out 223cfm of air which makes for one smooth surface that helps the puck float.

It includes the strikers and pucks that you need to play. Users love that the rails have a lip which helps keep the puck in play during high speed playing.

Users also enjoy how easy it is to assembly because that means you can get to playing right away.

One common complaint is the puck that it comes with isn’t heavy enough, but that is a good problem because it means that the fan is strong.

If you are looking for a more professional quality table, but still trying to save a little money, then the Playcraft Center Ice Air Hockey table may be the best air hockey table for you. Read more here >>

  • The field is a high gloss 3/4 inch thick PVC for fast action
  • The rails have a lip for high speed playing
  • Very strong high output fan

Over 25 reviews

American Heritage 390074 Monarch Series Air Hockey Table

Another professional quality table is the American Heritage 390074 Air Hockey Table. It measures 86x50x10 and weighs 278 pounds. This table is big, but if you have to room for it, then it is worth it.

The starburst design on the field is screen printed which gives it a sleek look. The cabinet has a cherry finish and the corners are silver metal.

One cool thing about this table is the electronic scorer is on a bar that hovers over the middle of the playing field so both players can easily see it.

The puck return is also smooth and easy to use and it even has a manual scoring system if needed.

This table comes with four strikers and four pucks, but some user complain about the quality. The fan on this table is strong, but the cheaper pucks don’t glide well.

If you want to play face games you should get a good set of pucks and strikers and if you are buying this nice of table that shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Users love that this is an easy to assemble table. Some users have had issues with shipping since it is so big and parts came damage, but this is not the table makers fault. Other than that the table receives high reviews and people recommend it to others if they are looking for a table in this price range.

The American Heritage 390074 Monarch Series Air Hockey Table is a great looking table and also plays well. Read more here >>

  • Cherry finish
  • Electronic scorer on the middle bar
  • Easy to assemble table

Over 20 reviews

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table

Last on this air hockey table buyers guide is the Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table. This table is pricey, but it plays really well.

It measures 87x48x19 and weighs in at 350 pounds because of its top build quality. Users love how well it is built and also how easy it is to assemble.

The case is all wood and the playing field is a nice laminate that will last for years without getting scratched. There is even a center line and face-off circle for competitive play.

The rails are low profile and made out of high quality aluminum. The scoring is all electronic and it even has a sound option to add to the fun.

The Gold Standard Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table is designed by air hockey champion Mark Robbins, so that should reassure you that it is a good table.

If you aren’t worried about cost and want the best air hockey table on the market, then this one is probably it. Read more here >>

  • Top build quality
  • Scoring with sound option
  • Designed by Mark Robbins

Over 25 reviews


This air hockey table buyers guide has gave you a lot of different options in all kinds of price ranges so you should be able to find the best air hockey table for your needs. The main thing to remember is focus in more on the size of air hockey table you want first and then start considering the other things like fan power or price.

Price does relate to size some, but there is no point in looking at tables that are too big for your space even if they fit into your budget so finding an air hockey table that is the right size for you is the best place to start when trying to find the best air hockey table for you.

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